When asked to send Rome a report on his victory over Pharnaces II, a remarkable thing happened. Something; words that would alter the human psychology: “I came, I saw, I conquered.” Those were the very few words Julius Caesar could make out for a report; a single sentence, yet so heavy. With those words the impacts of Caesar’s military legacy were summarized.

Of course, right now you are not battling any Pharnaces II, or sending a report to some Roman Capital in the past. But you hope to prevail over industry’s challenges and competition right? Then take the position of a business general, call your team together and let’s plan.

It is time to build reinforcement and go for victory. Here are 3 skills business executives must possess to help their companies survive the remaining hits of 2018:

1. A Strategic Vision. 

While discussing “Strategic Attack” in his book The Art of War ancient Chinese military strategist and general Sun Tzu presents strategy as formidable knowledge.  “If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.”

The reason many companies collapse is that they are quick to forget their sole purpose in business, which is to create a customer. Hold it, this isn’t as easy as it seems, the processes of creating customers have changed with time. The market is also changing.

And even in the workplace, employers are not just demanding results from employees they are also equipping them with the right work tools. Forbes contributor Jack Zenger ranks “Strategic Perspective” Number 1 on his List of Top Competencies Global Business Leaders Need to Excel.

Is your company anticipating the forthcoming market current trends?  The Hard-Work Myth has been demystified; right now executives should start advocating more smart work. It gives the hard-workers a direction. This is more result-oriented.

2. Seize Opportunities: Never Play the Head-burying Ostrich


Well in defense of the elegant ostrich, this is false speculation. Ostriches have great legs for kicking and outrunning their predators, they don’t pull the lame head-burying stunt. But many business executives do; sticking their heads into the sand when they sense an imminent threat or change in the market. Restructuring marketing strategy has been one of the biggest challenges many companies have had to face, but it defined the success and downfall of many.

In a report by the Harvard Business Review today’s marketing, “…needs to elevate its game tactically. With…the dynamics of social media…nothing less than great marketing and exceptional offerings will break out.” Those who aligned with social media marketing are reaping the benefits. In 2016, digital marketing publication Marketing Land ranked Uber, Pampers, Cisco, and some others as companies that were doing it right. But could this be said of the naysayers who saw social media as a trend that was going to fizzle out? Do not play the head-burying ostrich again. Truly change is inevitable but your company can still sail on its winds to marketing success. Start by taking calculated risk, business isn’t supposed to be some exciting game. Well that is if you are out to make profits.

3. Think Like a Man not a Machine: Explore the Amazing Advantages of Working with People and Technology Solutions

Business technology tools

“The ultimate promise of technology is to make us master of a world that we command by the push of a button.” Volker Grassmuck

You may not know this, but your company’s operational culture may be frustrating your chances at productivity. Employees spend more time performing routine tasks like document management, filing, financial interpretation, expense management and other activities that may not be directly translating to attaining corporate goals. You have automated weather reports, news alerts and even deliveries sorted out with tech, who says your business can’t be smart? With the rate at which the use of technology is evolving, foresighted business leaders are preparing their companies for the future with amazing tools for Management, Company Financials, HR and even projects.

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Today, company affairs like Staff Attendance and KPI calculators, Financials, Project Management, Progress Reports, Appraisal systems, and many other office functions are now automated by solutions even eliminating errors associated with human handling. According to CIO Reports, all CEOs need to:

“…Have a clear understanding of how technology advancements can help their business by redefining business models, operational processes and most importantly – customer experience and engagement.”

Proactive business executives who are not into “Busy-ness” but actual “Business”, have learnt to minimize operational cost, maximize employees’ performance with management solutions designed for offices and industries. Are you ready to lead your company to victory with Smart Work? Click here