Do You Know What Time It Is?

Here’s Why Nigerian Companies Should Pay More Attention to Business Technology

It is in this time that we have used technology to achieve the very difficult things that were termed “impossible”. While we bask in these achievements, it is hard to see the new enemy, the one called comfort; mother of complacency. We all have everything automated; the network news, our mails, weather reports, the market updates, and still get to keep up with social life.

Amidst this luxury, many business people are quick to dismiss technology as yet another over-exaggerated advancement made by man. Well, we’ve heard that before. And yes, technology has its shortcomings; it could be a great distraction, probably spur laziness, and even dampen creativity. This is a handful already. What do we then say about business organizations that have sailed to market prominence with technology?

Years ago, businesses could easily make excuses for not fully maximizing the benefits of business technology. But do you know what time it is? It is quarter past “No-more-excuses”. Make those same excuses now at the detriment of your business organization.

Brand managers and business executives are becoming aware of what is demanded when it comes to expanding their brands’ reach, or outsmarting competition. Knowledge is good, but with understanding comes the power. At the end of the day, knowing how to harness technology for business exploits is what demarcates the top brands from the losers.

And just to reinforce this with a statement from Forbes contributor Greg Satell, we are acquainting ourselves with a business world where “Everywhere you look, efficiency is being automated”. This statement holds no promise for businesses that are yet to align with technology; it’s like saying your mission statement has no business with the future. Here is a chance to leave the busy mode, and activate the business mode. This is the time to get your staff working smart with the right technology.

Why Nigerian Companies Should Pay More Attention to Business Technology

  • Save and Maximize Company’s Resources

You run a business and it is supposed to be a “value-for-money” thing. You and your team are still grappling with paper work on cash flow register, expense and ROIs. The next scene is where you are about to lose your mind, and can’t even tell if you’re making or losing money.

Here is the deal to avoid a pitfall, get your management worrying less on tracking expenses and operational cost, and let your financials and performance updates be handled for you. Handled by what you ask, of course, by a software solution. Isn’t it tragic that you lose time and money on what a business software solution can fix? So what do you do? That’s a smart one. You make more informed business decisions, and identify cost-saving opportunities from the Automated Financials generated for you. What’s the best way to identify business risks, if you can’t calculate and measure your financial activities?

Want better financial management and smart planning? Check out these tools.


  • Productive Use of Time and Effort

All that time spent on updating cash flow, project reports, long meetings, tracking papers, documents, collating staff registers are all redundant activities barely tied to productivity. According to an industrial survey by Inc, the average worker spends only 3 hours on productivity. So what happens to the other six? You know the answer already.

Smart business managers are empowering their workers with business tools to help them channel time and efforts on the most prior activities on company’s performance KPI.  There’s no need for too time on emergency meetings, the large pile of papers, and those activities that yield little or no results. You can quickly find some tools here. Time is money, losing 6 hours daily is equivalent to 2000hours lost a year.

  • A Positive Work Environment

When it’s a case of workers barging in and out of offices after summons, or line managers yelling from dissatisfaction, it is expected that employees’ morale would drop. Nothing halts the human productive process like the slightest emotional disturbance. Under-appreciation or poor conflict management escalates to a huge organizational disaster; you lose not just employees but also your place in the competition.

There is a better way to manage the age-long tension between the employer and employee in the workplace. How assigning their tasks, and evaluating performance with an enterprise software solution? Employer’s feedbacks, memos and appraisals are automated; this is just business operation simplified with zero conflict, and more sanity. There’s a better way to go about it, you just haven’t seen it in action. See some demos.



  • Efficient Management with Better Access to Recruitment Possibilities

You can keep all your staff records and document them in one single place without consuming papers and space. There are too many risks associated with storing all your company’s information in your office. Tech has a better replacement for papers in this regard, and that is the HR Management Solutions all integrated into the Enterprise Management System.

Your files and documents can be kept safe in an electronic document library and file manager. With a search button customized to filter file results from the database, you can locate documents without lifting huge dusty files. Managers and employees do not have to waste time tracking files anymore.

Companies can run their hiring exercises, and all human capital related activities without choking their offices with big shelves and cabinets. This is a recommended solution for companies that spend a lot on management. Well here is a chance to cut that cost. Click here to find the right business tool for your company.